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Lenton Council Boys 1918

Photograph courtesy Reg Meakin

On the back of the original school photograph, clearly some years after the event, Reg Meakin wrote down some of the names of the boys featuring on this photograph. Unfortunately there is no way of using his list to pinpoint exactly which name refers to which boy. If anyone thinks they can spot a particular individual let us know and we'll modify our list accordingly.
Names mentioned include :

? Witman, Roy Bostock, Herbert Vickers, Len Cook, Syd Richmond, Arthur Roe,
George Roe, Harry Staple.
George Long, ? Chamberlain, Cornelius Osborne ? Spencer.
? Godfrey, Stan Dakin, Cornelius Osborne.
Colin McLeod, Frank Bowles, Reg Adams, Arthur Selby, Syd Eagle, ? Squires.
Arthur Stephens, Harry Dexter, Oliver Ball, ? Gregory, Reg Meakin (3rd from right, third row from back), Harry Wilkins, Harry Barrows.
? Beard, Arthur Riddell, ? Nicholson, Jack Allen, Arthur ?.

If you wish to access a larger version of the back of this photograph click on the small version shown above

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