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Albert Carter Embroidery Ltd. - Outing probably early 1950s

Employees of Albert Carter Embroideries who were based in a factory on Commercial Street. The photograph was taken on Friar Lane in Nottingham prior to their departure on a coach trip. Quite when it took place and their subsequent destination are two details about which we don't have the requisite information.

We have received an email from Palma Stokes in Australia, identifying some of the people in the photo -
"I worked at Carters for many years and know a few on the photo, I am pretty sure it was taken 1950-1 as I went to work there in Aug 1951 and went on most outings and I am not on that one.
Back Row - Albert Carter, Joyce Pacey
Standing near the bus window - Kath Howitt, Irene Norris, Eileen Shephard, Fran Hardy
Along the back under Scrimshaws - Barbara Cragg, Mrs Tinkler, Violet Flinders (sister of Barbara Cragg), ?, ?, Alex Carter, Nancy, Sylvia Foster.
Front row right side - Mrs Moult
Many others I remember their first names, but not their last."

Can you help with any of the names?

Photograph courtesy of Derrick Norris. Additional names by Steve Flinders

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