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Wollaton Lodge Bowling Club 1930s

Photograph courtesy of Tim Preston

Another shot of members of the Wollaton Lodge Bowling Club probably taken in the late 1930s. This time William Bexon is on the back row, third from the right. The likelihood is that the photograph was taken on an outing/holiday for club members. The actual location is something else where we lack the relevant information.

If you can recognise any of the others shown in this photograph please let us know.

If you look at the person seated on the front row wearing a dark hat you will see that he is holding a newspaper. We focussed on his newspaper and blew it up and as you can see the headline reads 'Japs can't dictate to U.S. says Premier'. If anyone would like to suggest when newspapers might be carrying such a headline it would help pinpoint when this photograph would have been taken.

If you wish to access a larger version of this photograph click on the small version shown above

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