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Church Street - Gregory Street to Lenton Boulevard
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Photographs assembled in sequence starting from Gregory Street through to Lenton Boulevard



Photograph by David Ottewell


Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2005


Photograph courtesy of Peter Wasylko



A 1920s postcard showing the Albert Ball Memorial Homes with the tower of Holy Trinity Church just visible on the extreme left.


Much the same view as in the previous photograph but this one was taken in 2005.  The tree to the left of the War Memorial now largely obscures much of our view of the Memorial Homes.


This photograph taken in the late 1950s features Jasmine Cottage, the home of Mr & Mrs J.E. Isgar, who lived there from 1954 until 1990.  Mr Isgar had a plumbing business and the car parked alongside the property is almost certainly his.










Photograph courtesy of Peter Wasylko


Photograph by Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon



Jasmine Cottage as it looked in 2002. The little plaque seen on the gable wall used to tell people that the building once served as a place of worship in the early days of Methodism and was also the birth place of someone who later went on to become the Lord Mayor of London.  Somebody 'walked' off with it soon after this photograph was taken and the plaque has never been replaced.


This door formerly provided the occupants of Birch House with access to Church Street.  It still serves the same function but now it is for the residents of Mirberry Mews.  The door is situated next to Jasmine Cottage.


The portion of Church Street known as Chain Row.  This was the original section of Church Street which led to the level crossing and was replaced when the railway bridge was built.  Photograph taken in mid 1980's










Photograph from Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Listener


Photograph by Lenton Local History Society



The same section of road as in the previous photograph but now the photographer is positioned at the Church Street end.  Taken in February 1989 it shows the bungalow currently under construction.


A view of the Church Street premises of Foster & Co. with the staff posing for their photograph in 1987.  The business recently expanded into the neighbouring property previously occupied by Selby's, the motor engineers.


Looking back along Church Street this 1978 photograph shows part of the industrial estate with Mann Egerton's workshops in the middle distance.  The site is now occupied by the Manor Park housing estate.  On the horizon is the QMC and the presence of cranes suggests that building work on the new hospital had not yet been completed.










Photograph by Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine



Holy Trinity Church shortly after it opened in 1842.  The Mansfield branch railway line at the bottom of the graveyard has yet to be built.


Church Street looking North in August 2001


The crossing keeper's cottage which stood beside the railway on the redundant section of Church Street that runs alongside the bottom of Holy Trinity Church's graveyard.  Photograph taken in April 1979 shortly before the property was demolished.










Photograph by Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Listener Magazine


Photograph by Paul Bexon



A view of the crossing keeper's cottage in February 1979 taken from within the graveyard itself.  The Church Street bridge lies directly behind the cottage while beyond the railway line is the annexe building originally built for the Lenton Church School but at the time of the photograph occupied by the River Chemicals Co.


The same section of redundant roadway taken by Paul Bexon in February 1987.  The cottage has now gone and the roadway itself would later be converted into a pocket park.  Visible on the left of the photograph are the backs of Midland Avenue properties.


Much the same shot as the previous photograph but taken in May 2004.  The pocket park lies in the middle distance while the ancillary parking space for the church is visible in the foreground.










Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine


Photograph by Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine



Holy Trinity Church, Church Street in August 2001


A 19th century view of the interior of Holy Trinity Church looking from the nave towards the chancel.


Church Street looking South in August 2001










Photograph by John Bridgewater - August 2007


Photograph by David Nicholson-Cole


Photograph by John Bridgewater - August 2007



This property was originally one of the two  houses built for the headteachers working at the Lenton Church Schools.  The property is now a private residence.  Photograph taken in the 2007.


This is the other property built for the head teachers of what were originally known as the Lenton National Schools.  Photograph taken in the 1980s.  The building is now part of the Sikh Gurdwara.


Part of the Sikh Gurdwara, originally Lenton Church School, as it looked in August 2007.










Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society 


Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society


Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine  



 An early twentieth century view looking along Church Street with the end properties of Church Grove visible in the middle distance.


Almost certainly taken at the same time as the previous photograph, this is the view of the entrance to the Church Grove properties looking back along Church Street.


 Church Grove situated off Church Street.  Built in 1890s by W.T. Norris who was also responsible for Sherwin Grove off Sherwin Road.  Photographed in 1998.










Photograph by Paul Bexon - Lenton Times Magazine







The junction of Church Street and Lenton Boulevard. A plot of land which had originally formed part of the vicarage garden was sold off in the 1960s (?) and a petrol station erected there.  The petrol station survived until the late 1990s.  Its replacement is this new block of shops which opened in 2001.













Church Street - Lenton Boulevard to Park Street
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Photographs assembled in sequence from Lenton Boulevard through to Park Street and on to Church Square Shopping Centre







The junction of Church Street and Lenton Boulevard in 2002.  The building of the left originally built as a bank is now occupied by the Bag of Nails wine bar.  The properties on the right in the middle distance can also be seen in the next shot.


Looking towards Park Street in the early 1900's.  Lenton's Wesleyan chapel is on the extreme left and in the middle distance on the right is the Baptist chapel.  Only the properties on the immediate right survived the general clearance of the 1960's.


Lenton Baptist church taken in the early 1960's shortly before its demolition.  On the right are the premises of the Victoria Laundry already vacated and vandalised.










Photograph by Paul Bexon - March 2008


Photograph by Sheila Wheatcroft




The same stretch of Church Street as in the photograph immediately above but taken in 2008 and looking from the other direction.


Taken in 1952 from Frederick Grove this shot shows the Lenton Wesleyan Methodist Church in the background.


The Happy Return public house in 2002.  The site of the pub car park to the left of this photograph would previously have housed the Methodist Church shown in the previous photograph.










Photograph by Lenton Local History Society 


Photograph by Paul Bexon - March 2008





An undated photograph, probably taken in the early 1980s, offers another view of The Happy Return.  On the Lombard Street side of the building is the out sales department which 'disappeared' during that decade.


Essentially the same shot as in the previous photograph but now showing what the Happy Return looks like in 2008.  


A 2002 view of the boundary fence of Edna G. Olds Primary School.  The site of Victoria Laundry and the Baptist Chapel are incorporated into the school grounds.
















The metal framework for the new Thomas Helwys Baptist Church in the course of erection with the old chapel building still standing in the background.


The finance for Thomas Helwys Church was generated by the sale of the old Baptist Church site plus that of the Derby Road Baptist Church in the city centre following the amalgamation of their two congregations.











Church Square
Click on each photograph below  to show the enlarged version


Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2008


Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2008


Photograph by Stephen Zaleski



At the eastern end of Church Street is the Church Square shopping centre. Standing in the pedestrianised area the shot is taken looking towards the Willoughby Street tower blocks.  The Crocus Cafe is the middle of the three shops shown here and in 2008 plans were announced for it to expand into the shopping unit shown on the left.


A 2008 view looking southwards along the pedestrianised area of Church Square.  The photograph was taken soon after this particular locality had something of a face-lift, carried out by the City Council.


At the southern end of the precinct area is the Council's Neighbourhood Housing Offices.  Back in 1983, when this photograph was taken, the end unit housed Harry Wells' newspaper shop.  










Photograph by Stephen Zaleski







In 1983 Harry and Gladys Wells sold their shop to Seetal K. Gill.  Here all three pose for their photograph outside the shop.













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Family Memories

Trevor Wright - Perth, Australia
Like Margaret Smith [see below] I also lived on Church Street in Lenton. My family, the Wrights, lived at 28 Church Street which was next door to the Methodist Church situated on the opposite side of the road to Margaret’s house.  In her reminiscence she recalls the fire in Green’s woodyard.  This is still a vivid memory for me.  It was Arthur Eagle, Jackie Wilkinson and myself who first raised the alarm.  Margaret mentions the Bottomores who owned the drapers shop.  My sister, Thelma Wright, was a friend of their daughter and I believe she married a Polish pilot.  I can also recall the Barclays Bank situated at the junction with Lenton Boulevard and the manager of the bank who used to walk past our house every morning sporting a different bow tie each day of the week.

As kids we spent many happy hours playing in the streets. During the war we would visit the Wollaton Park while the U.S. 83rd Regiment were encamped there. They were glamorous to us scruffy ruffians and we were often asked ‘Do you have a sister, kid?’ and of course they used to give us chewing gum and Hershey bars.

Eventually I left home in 1952 for the Armed Forces and in later in 1970 I moved to Australia with my wife and daughter and we now live in Perth. (My wife hailed from Beeston Rylands.)

There have been several subsequent return visits to the United Kingdom and I would often have occasion to visit my old stomping ground which has undergone great changes. Where my house once stood there is now the pub called The Happy Return.

Does anyone know what happened to the Wilkinsons who were a big family and the Beardsalls?  I would love to hear from any of them, or indeed from anyone who remembers my family which included my brother, Carl, and sisters, Breda, Bridget and Thelma.

Margaret Smith (nee Coleshaw) - Australia
My family moved to No.9 Church Street in 1948.  This house was situated at the rear of the Victoria Laundry shop, featured in one of your old photographs.  My parents were William Arthur and Emma Louisa Coleshaw.  My father had initially been employed at Chilwell Ordnance Depot as a clerk but later got a job as caretaker at the nearby Baptist Chapel.  He worked there in this capacity for a number of years but eventually he had to give it up owing to his poor health.  The Chapel used to have a Mothers Union meeting there one afternoon a week, and a Christian Endeavour meeting for young people, a lovely lady Mrs Mitchell used to run the latter.  My mother worked as manageress at the Victoria Laundry’s branch shop on Church Street.  She ran the shop, served customers and sorted all the items to be cleaned prior to their despatch to the actual laundry and dry cleaning facilities, which were based on Ilkeston Road.  I went to Cottesmore School in the 1950s and can recall such teachers as Miss Lee, Miss Coupe and Miss Thompson.  While still at school I used to help my mother in the shop and well remember banking the takings at Barclays bank situated at the corner of Church Street and Lenton Boulevard.  Next to it used to be Bottomore’s shop which sold wool, drapery and various items of clothing.  On leaving school the Victoria Laundry offered me a job at another of their branch outlets.  I was later married at Holy Trinity Church in Lenton and our three children were all christened there.  In 1967 we left England for a new life in Australia and have been there ever since.

In 1960 my parents exchanged properties with some one who lived on the Clifton Estate.  My dad died there a few years later at the age 68 but my mother remained there for quite a long time, eventually dying at the age of 93.

While at Church Street my parents transformed the barren piece of dirt at the back of our house into a lovely garden.  At the end of our garden was Thornley & Rose’s chromium plating factory and to next to it was a wood yard belonging to Green’s, the building and joinery business.  I don’t recall the year but I can remember one night a fire started in the wood yard and the light from the flames coming through my bedroom window evidently woke me up.  I found all our neighbours out in the street watching the fire brigade as they eventually managed to extinguish the blaze.

Let us know your memories of Church Street


Do you have any historical information or other photographs of this street?  If so, email us with the details or write to us.


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