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Lenton Times Issue 3 - November 1989

Front cover of Issue 3 - Lenton Times The Story Of The Rose And Crown

The history of The Rose and Crown - Derby Road, Lenton.

Back To The Rose

What of the Rose and Crown prior to 1885 when John Mills took over the tenancy? From the local directories we have assembled a list of those who had been innkeeper there for the previous fifty-seven years.

The Hillside Malting

In issue No.2. we told the story of where Jack Hill spent his childhood. Now as a result of Frank Barnes' researches there is much more we can tell you regarding Hillside.

Growing Up In New Lenton In The 1930s

Len Taylor recalls the Willoughby Street area of his childhood.

Rules Of The Game

Rum Stick A Bum, Tin Lurkey, Hop Charge & Cigarette Card Flicking - Len Taylor explain the games of his childhood.

Cut Off! - James Green And Francis Evans Involvement With The Nottingham Canal

In Issue 2 we included a brief history of the Nottingham canal. Here Frank Barnes has more to relate about two of the men who were intimately involved in its planning and construction and who both bought land and built mansions in the Lenton area. These gentlemen were Francis Evans of Lenton Grove and James Green of Lenton Abbey.

Family History

Iris M. Keeble explains her family's connection to Lenton.

Society Snips

News from the Lenton Local History Society.

Editorial for this issue

Until now each issue of Lenton Times has focussed on one particular topic. In No.1 it was the recent history of Wollaton Park, while No.2 was given over to articles about the Nottingham canal. This time the articles have no common theme other than a connection with Lenton, but we trust readers will still find the magazine of interest and continue to recommend it to all their friends and acquaintances.

People seem to be 'beavering' away at family history research in ever increasing numbers. Lenton Local History Society is frequently approached by people who have found that certain of their forebears once lived in Lenton. Often they are hoping the Society can help with particular enquiries; sometimes it is simply to relate what has so far been discovered. Our article in this issue on 'the Mitchells' came about as a result of Iris Keeble's correspondence with the Society. There must be plenty of other family historians around with tales to tell of Lenton ancestors. Let's hear from them and then we can make our 'Lenton branch of the Family' a regular feature of the magazine.

Sadly one person we haven't heard from is a sponsor. A number of local firms were contacted for this issue, but evidently none felt able to support us. Can we launch a general appeal to any managing directors or proprietors of local businesses who might just be reading this? Perhaps you might like to sponsor an issue. It would only cost #40 and in exchange we would be happy to provide a page long profile on your company. If you're at all interested please contact the Society.

For our article on the Rose and Crown, we sought the help of a number of local people. May we offer them all our thanks but single out Sid Cumberland in particular. Sid allowed his photographs of the pub to be used in the magazine and also provided much of the material about the Mills family

This time it is Max and Yvonne Elliman of Leengate News who were presented with the Lenton Times magnum of 'Dandelion & Burdock' awarded for most sales achieved viz. 136 copies. We are delighted to report that we are now completely sold out of both Issue No.1 and Issue No.2. Once again may we offer our thanks to all the local retailers who help sell the magazine.

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