Butt Houses - Derby Road

Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society

J.W. Chadburn has supplied us with a list of who lived in the Butt Houses in the era leading up to the Second World War.

No.1. Dick Cartwright, his wife, and their son, Bill, and their daughter, Gwen. No.2 A.Walker (Alec ?) and two sisters. No.3 Billy Pails and his wife. No.4 William Chadburn & his wife, Bessie, and their son, William (Joe), and daughter, Mabel.  Nos. 5 & 6 William Rosling, his wife and their daughters, Joyce & Iris, and their son, William. No7 Not known. No.8 Lol Chadburn and his wife, Kate. No.9 Mrs Ward and her son.