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Photograph courtesy of Tim Preston

Passed down through his family, some time ago Tim Preston acquired this photograph. On the back of it someone has written 'Boulevard Cycling Club - c.1890s.' Included in the photograph is Tim's relative, William Bexon, who is standing on the middle row with someone's hand on his shoulder. In the late 1890s William Bexon lived on Gloucester Avenue, hence the Lenton connection!

It seems almost certain that the Boulevard Cycling Club was based in Nottingham but whereabouts is unclear. Was it Lenton Boulevard, Radford Boulevard, Gregory Boulevard or even Sneinton Boulevard? If anyone can shed like on the matter we would obviously like to hear from them.

There is also the question of where the photograph was taken. Perhaps this was a regular stopping point for cycling clubs going out for a ride. If so perhaps there are people with other photographs taken at this spot where the location is actually identified. If there is anyone who thinks they recognise anyone else in the photograph we would also be delighted to hear from them.

Ernie Pollard has got in touch [2018] to let us know that the man on the extreme left of the photograph, leaning on his cycle and crossing his legs, was his grandfather Arthur James Pollard, who was a Beeston lace manufacturer. His Boulevard Cycling Club badges and a silver cup were handed down in the family. The cup is inscribed B.C.C. 10 Miles Handicap Long Eaton First Prize A.J.Pollard Sept. 23rd 1897.

If any cycling aficionados would like to comment on the bicycles themselves - please feel free to do so.

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