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Triumph Road - Fire Station 1941 No.2

The firemen are positioned in front of the Triumph Road Fire Station with one of the appliances just visible to the left of the photograph. We now believe the photograph was probably taken in the run up to 18th August 1941, which was the official end date of the Auxiliary Fire Service. After this date these men would have been absorbed into the newly formed National Fire Service. [Our thanks to Terry Maslin for help with dating this photograph.]

The one man we can so far name is Clifford Priestley standing on the back row (5th from the left) with the 'U' in Auxiliary just above him. At that time Clifford lived with his mother on Hazlewood Road, Hyson Green. [Information supplied by his son - Dave Priestley]

If you can help with any names please let us know.

Photograph donated by Barbara Searcy

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