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Lenton Local History Society - Electronic Membership

It is now very expensive for the Society to send members copies of Lenton Times and the Society's Lenton Messengers via Royal Mail. The cost of sending these to any overseas members is now completely prohibitive.

Anyone signing up for this offer will get as part of their annual subscription: William Woodsend Memorial Homes - Derby Road 2018

* An electronic download in pdf form of the Lenton Times produced in the course of the year. This year they will consist of Issue No.40 [January 2019] and Issue 41 [September 2019].

* Electronic downloads of any Lenton Messengers [the Society's newsletter prepared by Cliff Voisey] produced during the year.

* For anyone signing up for this electronic membership we are also willing to undertake a little, discrete amount of research at Nottinghamshire Archives. For example: - checking details in a parish register; checking an address in electoral registers; looking up a burial record at the Nottingham General Cemetery or the Church Cemetery.

We can also undertake more sustained research but we would have to charge for our services - get in touch for more information email:

Electronic membership costs £4.00 via PayPal.

If Cliff Voisey is unable to produced any Lenton Messengers in the course of this year we will instead provide an electronic copy of Lenton Times No.21 [currently under construction].

Click below if you wish to take up this offer for 2019.

Lenton Local History Society - Electronic Membership

Once the payment is confirmed, we will contact you by email

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