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Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2001

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2001

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2001

The view looking back along Leen Gate towards Gregory Street with part of The White Hart pub evident in the background. The foreground is part of the car park for the Monty Hind Club and in the middle distance Leen Gate 'Newsmarket' shop. Photograph taken July 2001.

Looking up Leen Gate towards the Queens Medical Centre. On the right is the Monty Hind Club which moved from Willoughby Street. to these purpose-built premises in the 1960s. Beyond it is the old tannery building which is now converted into housing. Photograph taken July 2001.

Runners taking part in the 1988 Robin Hood Marathon making their way along Leen Gate. Photograph used in Lenton Times No.1 to accompany an article on the Lenton Foot Steeplechase.

Photograph by Stepen Zaleski

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 1989

Photograph by Paul Bexon - June 2013

Part of the old tannery complex in the early 1980s when it was occupied by Bell Fruit Co. The company later confined their operations to premises on the other side of the road and the property was sold off and later converted by Zodeco into apartments.

A view of the old tannery building fronting on to Leen Gate in 1989 after it had undergone conversion into apartments. Leengate News can be seen in the far distance.

The same view some twenty four years later [2013]. We now have a tree growing at the side of the building but everything else looks much the same.

Photograph by Jacqueline Haywood

Photograph by Stephen Zaleski

Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society

The same building as in the previous photograph but looking from the Gregory Street end with the Queen s Medical Centre just visible in the far distance. Photograph taken by Jacqueline Haywood in 2010.

This portion of the old tannery complex was demolished soon after the photograph was taken to make way for the car park jointly used by Bell Fruit employees and the occupants of the housing complex.

The property in the previous photograph has come down although the exterior wall was partially retained to form the boundary wall of the car park. Beyond it the demolition men have now moved on to the building in the centre in the photograph.

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 1987

Exterior view of part of the premises currently occupied by Bell Fruit. View looking down Leen Gate in the direction of Gregory Street. Photograph taken February 1987.

T Bayley & Co Ltd

Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society

Probably taken in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century a group of leatherworkers employed by T. Bayley & Co Ltd pose for their photograph. The only person so far identified is Harry Berry standing on the extreme left of the shot.

Inside Bell Fruit Factory 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

Photograph by Paul Bexon - February 1987

The February-March 1987 issue of The Lenton Listener was sponsored by Bell Fruit Games Ltd. While preparing the profile on the company this series of photographs was taken, although only one of them actually appeared alongside the article. If any past or present employees of the company would like to provide a commentary identifying people or describing what is going on in each of the photographs we should be happy to add it to this section.

To find out what is happening in the above images, click on the individual photos. Information supplied by John Haywood.

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Sirfraz Aziz

My dad worked at the Bell Fruit factory on Leengate for over thirty years and retired about twenty five years ago. He worked in the silk screen department as an inspector. People would have known him as Mr Aziz. Both my father and I would be very happy to hear from anyone else who worked at Bell Fruit during this period and remembers him.

John O'Keefe - Adelaide Australia

Back in 1958 as a young lad of 15 I got a job with Wrought Iron Products who were based on Leengate in a long rectangular hut situated across the road from Bell Fruit. It had just started up in business making wrought iron gates and fences etc. I was there for about eighteen months. One thing I recall is that our premises did not have any toilet facilities so we either disappeared round the back of the building or else had to pop into one of the neighbouring properties. After all these years all I can remember is that one of the bosses was called Derrick but his surname escapes me and while I was there a German lad was taken on the workforce who we called Dick. Perhaps there are others around who can recall a little more about Wrought Iron Products and Leengate?

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