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Photograph by Jacqueline Haywood

Photograph by Paul Bexon

An early picture postcard looking along Devonshire Promenade from its junction with Derby Road. This particular postcard was sent through the post in 1914. How much earlier the photograph was actually taken in uncertain.

96 years after the postcard in the previous view was sent, the properties on Devonshire Promenade look little changed. Photograph taken in 2010 by Jacqueline Haywood.

A 2006 photograph, taken from much the same spot as the previous two photos, but showing more of the houses, which have changed very little since first constructed in the late 1890s. The same cannot be said for the state of the road surface.

 Photograph by Paul Bexon.

Photograph by Paul Bexon

The other end of Devonshire Promenade as it looked in 1988. In the early part of the twentieth century these properties were referred to as 'Devonshire Terrace'.

This photograph entitled 'The Promenade from the Recreation Ground' originally featured as one of a series of picture postcards entitled 'Hunt's Views of Lenton'. The quality of the reproduction in the original postcards leaves a lot to be desired but there is no way of improving it even using the latest technology. The postcard probably dates from about 1905.

Devonshire Promenade features as the backdrop for this 1910 picture postcard showing Lenton school children assembled on the recreation ground as a part of that year's Empire Day celebrations. See Empire Day and Lenton.

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