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Issue No. 30 June 2011 (£1.50)

Front cover of Issue 30 - Lenton TimesA Post-war Childhood - Growing up on Cycle Road (5 pages)

Chris Blackamore's family lived at No.18 Cycle Road while his paternal grandparents lived on the same street just four doors away. His father had worked at the Raleigh Cycle Works from leaving school in 1922 and after the war returned there to build cycle frames. Later he was responsible for the special hand-made frames used on the bikes of the legendary Reg Harris, reputed by many to be the greatest racing cyclist of all time. He was always into engineering projects of one kind or another. For almost a year his father spent most of his spare time, with Chris helping where he could, rebuilding a car from a burnt-out wreck he bought in 1947. Chris also details some of the home-made remedies that his grandmother used to prepare to treat every day ailments. If these proved insufficient then a visit to the doctor's on Wollaton Hall Drive or even a spell in the local hospital were called for - all of which Chris Blackamore was required to undergo during his Cycle Road childhood.

Mr & Mrs Dick Wortley - Filling in the Picture (2½ pages)

Some years ago Val Bird, a stalwart of Bramcote History, acquired this photograph of a couple with two small children standing in front of Lenton Abbey Lodge on Derby Road. Unfortunately there was nothing written on the back to explain who this family might have been Lenton Abbey Lodge. Photograph courtesy of Val Bird.or when the photograph might have been taken. However, Val had another photograph showing what looked like the same couple outside a different property. This time there was some additional information on the back of the photograph - namely 'Mr & Mrs Dick Wortley - Cow Lane, Bramcote.' Once it became possible to access the 1911 census Val acquired a copy of the entry for Lenton Abbey Lodge and found Richard and Minnie Wortley and their two children listed there. Drawing on this particular document and other source material we have assembled an article which explores what else has come to light about the Wortley family of Lenton Abbey lodge.

Beeston Hockey Club: A History (7 pages)

For short periods of time during the latter part of the nineteenth century Lenton provided a home for both Nottingham Forest F.C. and Nottingham Rugby Club. For one reason or another Lenton was found wanting and these two clubs soon moved elsewhere. There is, however, another sports club where the association with Lenton has been much longer lasting and continues to this day. The sport in question may not have the mass appeal of football or rugby but, in recent years, Beeston Hockey Club has risen through the ranks to become one of the leading hockey clubs in the country and has recently made quite an impact on the European scene. The facilities it now has at Highfields are the envy of many and the club has also achieved some major successes on the field of play. Our article covers the club's history from its establishment back in 1907 up to the end of the 2010/11 season when the club became both the National League champions and winners of the English Hockey Association's Knock-out Cup.

Our Sponsor's Story (1 page)

Beeston Hockey Club is the sponsor for this particular issue and the article tells the reader something of what went on behind the scenes at Highfields to ensure that the city had access to first rate hockey facilities. These include a much enlarged clubhouse, renamed the Stick & Pitcher, Dr Ernst Loewenthal. Photograph courtesy of Kate Loewenthal.which is open to the general public and can also be hired for special events. Beeston Hockey Club is eager to ensure the playing facilities are put to the best possible use and provides coaching to ensure that its enthusiastic youngsters are primed and ready to take their place in the adult game oncethey are old enough. And for everyone there is the opportunity to watch some of the best players in the country playing fast attractive hockey at a price that is so low it beggars belief.

Dr Ernst Loewenthal - the Lenton G.P. (5 pages)

Ernst Loewenthal was a general practitioner who used to live and work in Lenton. This was his home for fifty years. In 1983 he sat down and wrote an account of his life and how he came to be in Nottingham. Written primarily for his family's benefit we have been given access to this work in order to share his story with a wider audience. A copy of Ernst's original draft has now been lodged with the Local Studies Library based at the Central Library. So, if our article whets your appetite for more, you now have access to the full story.

Nottingham School Board Report Card - Front Cover.

Dunkirk & Old Lenton: My Childhood Playground - Part 1 Dens, Ponds and Trainspotting (4 pages)

Born in 1950 Chris Noble grew up on Warwick Street in what some call Dunkirk and others Old Lenton. The area stretching from the nearby canal down as far as the river Trent formed a part of his playground that was destined to vanish in the next decade or so. Chris recalls the old allotments already under a sentence of death where they used to go and make dens; the various ponds in the locality, all but one of which have now disappeared; and concludes with an account of his time spent train-spotting in Dunkirk and Old Lenton.

Society Snips & Letters (3½ pages)

Includes - Walter William Dudley - after WW1; The Search for Betsy Morley (one time servant at Lenton Hall); From Dorking back to Lenton (copies of Nottingham School Board documents acquired by the Society relating to Fanny Monsheimer who attended Lenton Girls School from 1896 to 1900); plus a letter detailing the late Anne Mustoe's early years.

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