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Issue No. 36 February 2016 (£1.50)

Front cover of Issue 36 - Lenton Times Photograph taken from 'Co-operation in Nottingham' by F.E. Leeman, published 1966

The articles in our magazine usually look at different aspects of Lenton's past with no overarching theme to them. This particular issue, however, is not like that. We are focusing all our attention on Gregory Street and exploring, in particular, the changes wrought on this particular thoroughfare since the second half of the twentieth century.

The Lenton [& Nottingham] Co-operative Society (8 pages)

The origins of the Nottingham Co-operative Society are to be found here in Lenton where the very first shop opened on Gregory Street in 1863. This article offers a detailed account of the Society's business activities up to 1906 when 'Lenton' was dropped from the name of the Society. The concluding section looks at what subsequently happened to the various Lenton outlets.

From No.1 to Gregory Court (3 pages)

In the 1880s the Midland Railway Company chose to replace two level crossings in Lenton with road bridges. The replacement Derby Road bridge meant that a farmhouse which stood at the corner of Gregory Street and Derby Road needed to come down. Compensated by the railway company for the loss of its property the Sherwin Gregory Estate then decided to build a new farmhouse alongside the bridge. This became No.1 Gregory Street. Our article explores who lived there until the property was finally demolished in the 1970s. It concludes with a brief look at Gregory Court, the set of twelve maisonettes which were erected on the site of the farmhouse in 1972/73.

Photograph courtesy of Sylvia Taylor

The Hurst Family & 5A Gregory Street (3 pages)

Although none of the four Hurst girls were born in Lenton, for varying periods of time 5A Gregory Street was their family home. All four are very much alive [2015]. The eldest of them, Irene Elizabeth Taylor, recounts a little of what life was like in their small cottage on Gregory Street, where her parents, George Henry and Elizabeth lived from 1939 until 1972.

No.5 Gregory Street & Saxon Green (2 pages)

The principal building demolished before the Church Street bridge over the railway could be constructed was a farmhouse known as the 'Manor House'. Again the Sherwin Gregory Estate chose to rebuild it on a slightly different site. This would become No.5 Gregory Street. Our article explores the various families who lived in this particular property before its eventual demolition in the late 1960s. We also look at the Saxon Green housing development that was built in the early 1970s on the site of both No.5 and most of the garden attached to No.5A Gregory Street.

The Hilliers & 5A Gregory Street (2 pages)

Geoffrey and Hilary Hillier moved into 5A Gregory Street in January 1974. Hilary Hillier recounts how this came about and tells us something of the home they created there over the next twenty years.

Photograph courtesy of Lenton Local History Society

Take a Butchers at Gregory Street (3 pages)

Over the years Gregory Street has provided the location for several butcher's shops. In the early nineteenth century they frequently appear to have been run by members of the Nutt family while the latter half of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries saw the Daft family and the Ball family feature prominently. In this article we explore a little of what has come to light about each of these families.

Thomas Cornelius Nutt: A Little More (1 page)

In 2005 Nottinghamshire County Council published the complete transcript of a diary compiled by a Beeston resident which had been given to Nottinghamshire Archives back in 1979. The book entitled A Victorian Lady's Diary 1838-1842: Elizabeth Nutt Harwood of Beeston included a short introduction by Margaret Cooper who had also transcribed the text. The diary ends in December 1842, which is quite frustrating as the following year saw its author marry her cousin, Thomas Cornelius Nutt, whereupon she came and lived with him at his butcher's shop on Gregory Street. However cousin Tom featured quite prominently in the latter part of the diary as their friendship grew ever stronger and visits to Lenton took place on a regular basis. So we reveal here what the diary can tell us about the Nutt family in general, Tom in particular, and a little about life in Lenton.

Front cover of 'A Victorian Lady's Diary 1838-1842: Elizabeth Nutt Harwood of Beeston'

From Sports Ground to Lenton Gardens Estate (3 pages)

In the 1950s the Nottingham Co-operative Society moved the Sports and Social Club from Wilford to Lenton. This article looks at the establishment of the new sports ground off Gregory Street and its subsequent sale to Richard Costain Homes Ltd in the late 1960s. We also report on the trials and tribulations the housebuilder endured before it could complete the Lenton Gardens Estate.

Our Sponsor's Story (1 page)

In October 2015 Ian and Sonia Sheppard took over from Darren Brett at the White Hart here in Lenton. As most readers will be aware it is getting increasingly hard to make a decent living from the pub trade and Darren Brett gave up his stewardship of the White Hart for just that reason. Nevertheless Ian and Sonia hope that they have the necessary skills and mind set to turn the pub around. Sponsorship of our magazine is just one way they can show everyone that they intend to put this pub at the heart of the local community.

Society Snips (2 pages)

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