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Issue No. 9 November 1995 (£1.00)

Front cover of Issue 9 - Lenton TimesOn the Trail of Clifton Boulevard: Part 1 (5 pages)

In 1925 the City Council unveiled its plans for a major new road system which would run round the western side of Nottingham and link into Valley Road at Basford. The first portion of this outer ringroad appeared with the building of Middleton Boulevard which was opened in 1927/28. This was followed by Western Boulevard which was formally opened by the Minister of Transport in November 1932. The next section, opened in late 1938, was the modest stretch of road running from Middleton Boulevard down to Beeston Road which enabled vehicles to travel on into Nottingham via Abbey Street and Abbey Bridge or out to Beeston via University Boulevard. The story of the road's construction and what had to go to make way for it form the subject of this article.

Lenton: Passing Memories (3 pages)

Although Peter d'Auvergne spent his entire childhood in Beeston he had good reason to pass through Lenton on a regular basis. His mother ran a boot and shoe shop on Ilkeston Road and during the school holidays he would often accompany her as she walked to and from work. His memories of those regular perambulations take in Lenton Firs and of Sir Thomas Shipstone; the Raleigh cycle works; relatives who lived in Chippendale Street; Wollaton Park; University Park and Highfields Lido - he recalls in a very engaging manner.

Archives and Lenton (4 pages)

Chris Weir's article on Nottinghamshire Archives explores the development of the Archive Service and gives readers some indication of what Lenton material can be found there.

Making the News: Snippets from the Past (3 pages)

One of the on-going projects carried out by the Society is a scrutiny of old Nottingham newspapers looking for items with a Lenton connection. This piece is an assemblage of news items from the years 1832-1835.

Football: The Local Scene 70 years ago (1 page)

Drawing on information contained within an old copy of the Nottingham Journal Football Guide Brian Howes describes what it reveals about the local football scene in the early 1920s.

Midland Avenue Fire Watchers (2 pages)

When the first German bombing raids commenced in 1940 people in Nottingham began to organise themselves into neighbourhood groups. The intention was to mount night-time patrols to keep a look-out for incendiary bombs being dropped and help minimise the damage they might cause. Marshall Atkin, who provides us with this account, was one of a number of volunteers who shared this task in the Midland Avenue area of Lenton.

What's Going On? (1 page)

In a superb photograph from the late 1920s a crane can be seen lifting the superstructure of a railway carriage into or out of a barge moored beside the river Trent. But what exactly is going on? The accompanying text provides the explanation.

Our Sponsor's Story: La Grenouille Restaurant (1 page)

In 1976 Yves Bouanchaud resolved to open a restaurant in Nottingham serving authentic French cuisine. He acquired premises in Lenton and twenty years later was still running his restaurant. La Grenouille remains part of the Lenton scene although Yves Bouanchaud has now sold the business.

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